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About us

Allevamento Labrador

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Welcome! I'm Marco Morganti and I'm glad to give you hospitality on this web-site dedicated to my Labradors. I'm lucky to be born and lived in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful areas of Italy: countryside, hills, mountains, sea, good food, special wines...hope you forgive my localism!

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My first meeting with a Labrador Retriever was in 1996 when I knew Betsy, a wonderful yellow bitch, with great structure and personality, unfortunately forgot prematurely. Like with this breed often happens, was love at first sight...
And today I'm still more convinced: that meeting has changed my life! In December of '98 Terry arrived, another yellow bitch incredibly sweet and lovely, with strong structure and with an important genealogy. With these two bitches my breeding experience started and I could immediately understand how binding is breeding puppies, but how incredible satisfactions it can give to you too!

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In 2001 arrived Brenda, my first black bitch, very nice with a beautiful head and a lovely expression. During the years "Chica", "Moony", "Gilda" are arrived...
My kennel is small so I can live very closed to my dogs. They are part of my life and they amaze me day by day for their unconditional love and for their ability to understand every my sensation...More than I can with them.

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Every time I see my Labradors running wagging the tail happily...
Every caress I'm lucky to give them...
Every time I see a puppy showing itself in this world and utter its first cry...
I feel the richest person in the world and until I can enjoy by these emotions and I'll feel worthy to receive love from my dogs, I'll always have new incentives to select and breed with passion, devotion and seriousness this amazing breed.

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